Training Grounds to Work

Training Grounds to Work (TG2Work) is our flagship workforce development program.  This cohort-style program has helped over 300 participants enhance their personal and professional aptitude through Training Grounds 4A’s to Successful Corporate Citizenship curriculum.  With a 68% placement rate, TG2Work has helped transition unemployed and underemployed community members to continuing education, on-the-job training, and/or career opportunities in the hospitality, property management, building maintenance, customer service and construction industries.

Violence Intervention Program

Training Grounds partnered with the District’s Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement (ONSE) in a joint effort to create a violence-free DC.  To stay connected to our efforts, follow us at @LIPNOTRIP

The Love More Movement 

Training Grounds has united with The Love More Movement to promote peace, love and unity through everything that we do.  To learn more about Transformational Life Coaching and Healing Stations visit  https://lovemoremovement.org/


Transformational Thursdays

Transformational Thursdays provide a safe space for residents to get assistance with personal and career success.  Each week this empowerment forum opens its doors to any community members in need of a supportive network.  

L.O.V.E. Youth Initiative

The L.O.V.E. Youth initiative has been empowering you ages 6 to 16 to lift their values high every day. Training Grounds has hosted hundreds of youth in after-school and summer drop in programs inside of Wards 5, 6, 7 and 8 communities. We’re preparing to launch a virtual summer enrichment experience to keep children focused and encouraged during a unique summer season.  The L.O.V.E Youth Initiative brings cultural awareness, life skill development, entrepreneurial training, chess clubs and other enrichment to youth in some of the District’s most vulnerable communities. These experiences focus on exposing youth to the world around them.   Self-respect, leadership, community building and social awareness are a part of the value system that the L.O.V.E Initiative promotes to its future leaders.   

The Live In Peace Movement 

The Live In Peace not Rest In Peace Movement has traveled throughout the District, promoting Training Grounds Five Pillars of Peace (Prosperity, Education, Access, Commitment, Equity).  The LIP not RIP initiative hosts interactive, thought-provoking and resource-filled experiences in a safe and inviting environment that encourages the community to co-design solutions for a community of peace.  For more information or to join the movement.



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