Who are we?

Training Grounds Inc. (TGI) is nonprofit organization that was established in 2005. Our mission is to assist youth and adults with personal, career and leadership development through various trainings, programs and collaborations. Training Grounds is committed to preparing economically disadvantage individuals for living wage careers and self-sufficiency. Our unique program model is designed specifically to empower high poverty, high crime and socioeconomically challenged communities.

“Within the Training Grounds Impact Area of Villages of Parkland in Southeast Washington, DC, violent crime rates decreased by 15% within a 12 month period. ” – March 23, 2015 DC Index Crime Data Report

What do we represent?

TGI was founded by Tom Brown, a community pioneer and activist, who has positioned Training Grounds to be a hub for workforce related needs. Mr. Brown, along with Marion Barry, co-founded the Ward 8 Workforce Development Council in 2007. He has embedded workplace principals into the Training Grounds teachings that empower participants to use transformational techniques to help them excel through life. Through the Four A’s of Successful Corporate Citizenshipparticipants learn how to effectively Assesscircumstances and situations, Adaptto workplace conditions Applythe concepts learned through TGI, and Advancealong their career pathway.

What do we do?

Training Grounds transforms lives!

What makes us unique?

Unlike many community-based organizations, TGI’s unique neighborhood based model establishes its presence directly inside of the neighborhoods. Residents are able to walk out of their front door and into the assistance of the TGI Framework. For over a decade, Training Grounds has empowered neighborhoods where 85 percent of the program population has had one or more barriers to employment. As a specialist in training and developing returning citizens, TGI is proud to have employed four managers who have collectively served more than 100 years in prison and have been responsible for Training Grounds’ programs and day-to-day worksite operations.









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